3 Kings Grooming

Updated: Jul 6, 2020

How much have you spent on cheap combs...? How many $2 picks have found their way into your trash can...? My guess is too many. With the rise and growing appreciation of Afro texture hair, now is the time to use products worthy of touching your crown. I have come across a brand that has exceeded the expectations, of what true hair care products should be.


3 Kings Grooming is a Black owned professional hair and grooming company. The Brand was founded in 2019 by three brothers. Michael, Brandon, and Eric Nwankwo.

As members of the African Diaspora, they were inspired to create a product that not only provides luxury grooming, but pays homage to and exhibits the excellence of the Motherland as well. The founders have successfully created a lifetime product worthy of royalty. The 'Afro Pick' It is more than a pick, it is a legacy.

Among African culture, the pick is a symbol of status, spirituality and royalty. As a result of the African afro-centric movement, people are trying to connect and get in touch with their roots across the globe. The Afro Pick is an amazing place to start. It provides a true connection to the motherland through its rich history and elegant grooming.

This universal pick, is a lifetime product of affluent value. It is a product to be proud of. A pick to take pride in. It inspires the generational gift of giving. This product implores you to acknowledge, that we are all royalty trying to return to the mother land. Starting with you,

3 Kings Grooming is an ancestral lineage of luxury and power bringing you the opulence that is your birth right.

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