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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

My name is Maya and I’m 32 years old. My parents are both from Angola but I grew up in Germany. I’ve lived in Berlin since I was 2 years of age and German has become my mother tongue.

Unfortunately, I’ve never had the chance to learn Portuguese nor have I had the chance to visit my home country but I have hopes to do so soon. I was raised very strictly by my mother and religion and the belief in God played a very important role in my upbringing. I am a very shy girl and I’m continually working on my self-confidence.

I grew up in a time when black girls, like myself, were called ugly. I am 1,55m tall and curvy. I am black and as my teacher once said, I have African features. And yes my nose is wide but my hips are even wider. I weigh almost 80 kilos and have enormously thick thighs but short legs.

For half of my life, I have strived to be tall,

blonde and thin and I tried countless diets to reach this goal.

The goal of the “perfect” girl that society has set as the perfect perfection.

Then again, society hardly leaves room for girls like me. I want to be the voice, or better, the face for all girls who are simply different. In addition, I fight for all African women who have never learned to experience their sexuality.

To enjoy, live it and love it. I am talking about the joyful ones who have held back until old age or even worse, have hidden because of our society.

I speak for all those women who’ve never had the chance to be simply a woman because she doesn’t meet the societal norm. I wish for a future in which girls can express their uniqueness where society accepts them for them. I imagine the future to be more colourful with all sh