Meet the CEO: Ousmane Sarr

Updated: Nov 28, 2020

Ousmane Sarr is an incredibly dedicated and talented young black entrepreneur. He is paving the way not only for himself, but for African women and women of African decent as well.

He was born and raised in America by his mother who is Afro American and black, and his father who is Senegalese and West African.

In order to learn more about his culture, history and people, Ousmane attended his mothers high school (IQRA Bilingual Academy) in Dakar, Senegal. His mother is a successful business woman, who runs many schools. She has succeeded in creating the first Islamic centered international school in West Africa, to achieve American Accreditation by the Middle States Association. Through his mother, Ousmane has witnessed the strength, determination and dedication of a Black woman. He has seen the challenges, discrimination, and prejudice that many women face. His experience in Senegal opened his eyes to the beauty and power of a strong Black woman. He has realized that there is not enough acknowledgment & appreciation of African women, and women of African Decent. These women deserve to be recognized, valued and Uplifted. So that is exactly what Ousmane set out to do. Ousmane has successfully started businesses that advocate for & contribute to the empowerment of women all over the world including Urban DiverCity. This is a brand that embraces the beauty of African women, through Urban tailored clothing and designs that showcase diversity and inclusion. This is only the beginning of his efforts to empower women and change the world!

“With self love and worth, a black woman can empower a nation.”

My goal is to not only have my women love themselves but for them to also have no fear in expressing who they are. Let’s empower nations through the beauty,

culture, influence and the lenses of African & African descent women!

IG: @thirdcultureguy

Get to know me more by clicking on our video below!

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