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Meet the Editor: Brianna Love

Welcome! My name is Brianna Love, and I am ABG's editor! I was born in Brooklyn New York, and raised in Baltimore, MD. Growing up, a major part of my childhood was dedicated to the arts. This included dance, instrumental music and singing. It was one of many ways that I was able to express myself. Now that I am older I have developed new passions. Aside from traveling, one of my biggest passions, is for creativity. Modeling and singing are just a few of the things that I love to do in order to express my own creativity. I have learned that, one of the most important things to me, is for people to have an outlet...a way to self express! A space where people feel free to not only be themselves, but to also share display all of their creativity. As an editor for ABG, I would love to highlight and showcase the many talents of black women across the globe. This will be a place where Black women are acknowledged for their different skills and praised for their unique abilities. As a black woman, I always seek to educate myself and continue to grow. I want to continue learning about different cultures and immerse myself in them. My Dream is to travel the world and experience as much of its beauty as I possibly can. It is apart of my personal mission to spread love, care and support to those I come into contact with along my journey. It is extremely important that I uplift, support and encourage people to embrace themselves and their own unique beauty. I am truly excited to have this opportunity to meet, hear and share the stories of powerful black women!