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Updated: Dec 12, 2020

My name is Salwa Abdalla, informally known as Salwa Slices online. I was born and raised between the suburbs of Dearborn Heights and the inner city of Detroit, Michigan. I am mixed with too many things to list but most of my blood consists of corny jokes and ambition, with a dash of Sudanese background.

I am convinced I was placed on this earth for 3 simple tasks: to entertain, to learn, and to heal others. I share spoken word/rap on my instagram account as a way to connect with others who face the same challenges and often suffer in silence. Creative expression gives all these human hardships meaning and, when done correctly, provides hope.

When I’m not writing or sharing spoken word, I enjoy creating funny and relatable TikToks for the youth.

I enjoy touching on certain taboo subjects such as being a virgin in a sexual society!

Further, I work with a nonprofit organization that aids those hit by poverty and natural disasters internationally and locally. Specifically, because I work with donors who sponsor orphans overseas, I have developed a passion for children in need of education, food, and everyday resources that we in the Western world may take for granted.

I am the relentless underdog. I root for the underdog. I won’t stop until I’m the overdog who can share my expertise and lift up those young girls who were just like me, ready to give in and give up.

Instagram: @salwaslices

Editor: @africanyouthrisemag